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Countdown to Antarctica 2019

  • Homeward Bound is a year-long leadership programme for Women in STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics & Medicine) that culminates with a 3-week intensive training course on a ship in Antarctica. The initiative of Homeward Bound is to equip 1000 women over 10-years with the global leadership tools to influence policy, decision making and science communication for the future health of the planet. In 2018, the voyage reached 750 million people worldwide.
  • Women in Leadership

  • HB is an all-female expedition to draw attention to, and improve, the low representation of women in leadership positions in engineering, and in many other disciplines. Research repeatedly shows that while women demonstrate great integrity and a legacy mindset when it comes to leadership, decision-making and the creation of collaborative and effective teams, they are overwhelmingly under-represented in the traditionally male-dominated professions.
  • Women in STEMM

  • Women make up 23% of those in core STEM occupations in the UK and 24% of those working in core STEM industries. It is widely acknowledged that proportionately women in STEMM fields are underrepresented. 2017 surveys indicate there are nearly 12,000 more women professional engineers than in 2016. Women now make up 11% of the total engineering workforce.

    “It is not just a case of making the STEM workforce fair – we need more women in STEM roles to make scientific innovations useful and, more importantly, safe. After all, how relevant can innovations really be if they do not even take into consideration the needs of half the population?” (Forbes, 2018)
  • Our Planet

  • Climate Change -We hear it so much, that it feels like a buzz word, but it is far from it. Climate change is a real and serious issue, but isn’t the climate always changing, what exactly is climate change and why should we care? Climate change as we know it today is the increase in temperature of the earth.

    97% of scientists agree this increase isn’t caused by the orbital variation, but likely caused by human activity. That means you and me. We need to save our planet collectively before we damage it beyond repair. Homeward Bounds global reach allows not just communities, but countries to share ideas, engineering solutions and expertise. We need to act now.

    [Image credit to HB16 cohort]



How you can support me
The total cost of this year-long leadership program and three-week expedition to Antarctica is about GDP£26,000 per participant. Of that, approximately GDP£12,000 is subsidised via in-kind contributions. It's up to individual participants to cover the remaining GDP£14,000 + Travel + Visa + Antarctic Clothing etc, which rounds up to a Total Cost of approximately GDP£18,000.

How to Contribute? - You can donate to my personal crowdfunding campaign. I am also brokering partnerships with as many not-for-profit organisations, media companies, corporates, universities and philanthropies as I can - all in return for education and capacity building about women in leadership and climate change education. Contact me if you have some new ideas.

Giving to Homeward Bound by helping me get on the boat is just one way. If you have more ideas about how YOU can help, please get in contact.

You can also attend one of my many events! Contact me for further details.

If you would like to volunteer to support some of the events, again please contact me, all support is welcomed.

It is important we all understand that Homeward Bound is a big vision; underpinning every part of it is this: can we genuinely start a collaborative global movement of women like you - clever, qualified, experienced, capable and influential, who've been given a rare opportunity to have state of the art leadership and strategic education, who act individually but who work collectively for a better world, holding and supporting each other, no matter where we all are.

[Image credit to HB16 cohort]

Race Night

In collaboration with Woodley Carnival I am hosting a race night in April 2019.
For more information visit the website

Reading Half Marathon

I am running the Reading Half Marathon in March 2019. Join me running, come out to support me
For more information visit my dedicated crowdfunding page

Quiz Night

Quiz Night (Antarctic themed) in Milton Keynes. More details to come


I need 10 volunteers to help me "man-a-gate" at the Woodley Carnival Day in June 2019. It involves collecting entrance payments and placing wristbands on people.

If you can lend an hour of your day on Saturday 8th June 2019, please call me (07965214342)

THANK YOU to those who have supported me so far
  • Aashika Jameson
  • Aine Lockhart
  • Akwinder Rai
  • Albert Adeniran
  • Alisan James
  • Alistair Barnes
  • Andy Lumbard
  • Angela Ames
  • Asha
  • Asif Huq
  • Ben Harris
  • Carl Devereux
  • Chris Sawyer
  • Claire Southerton
  • Damon Pass
  • Dan Harrison
  • Daisy Mellor
  • Daniel Mullins
  • Dave Mc Arthur
  • Dawn Wills
  • Dorothy Milton
  • Dympna & Simon McCoy
  • Ed Vining
  • Elizabeth Agbola
  • Emmanuel Egenu
  • Folu Oyewole
  • Gareth Brown
  • Goodwins
  • Grant Parker
  • Jack
  • James Atherton
  • Jane Batts
  • Jaqueline Park
  • James Hindle
  • Jayne Davies
  • Jess High
  • Jess Read
  • Joanne Meehan
  • Jodie Porter-Crowe
  • John Batts
  • John Henderson
  • Jon Tagg
  • Jonathan Harris
  • Karen James
  • Kat Spring
  • Katherine Letheren
  • Katie Lydon
  • Keith Gourlay
  • Kristine Pollock
  • Laura Harrison
  • Linda Henderson
  • Lucy Neal-Hooke
  • Mariola Bida
  • Martin Stead
  • Michelle Brede
  • Mick Wright
  • Olan Babarinde
  • Pat Silva
  • Patrick Connolly
  • Paul Moore
  • Paul Shelton
  • Paul Smith
  • Pete Woodward
  • Peter Kirabo
  • Phil Jones
  • Pooja Godhania
  • Richard Harris
  • Richard Jewett
  • Richard Moffoot
  • Robert Payne
  • Russell Timbers
  • Sean Harrison
  • Sarah Batts
  • Sejal
  • Shelley Benson
  • Sian Roberts
  • Sian Walsh
  • Siobhan Meehan
  • Sophie Kemsley
  • Stella Batts
  • Steph Ward
  • Susie Mathesan
  • Suzanne Moss
  • Suzette Harris
  • Terence Karabin
  • Tony Ware
  • Tracy Thorn
  • William Buckler
  • William Henderson
  • Yvonne Kelleher

[Image credit to HB16 cohort]

Woodley Womens Institute

Woodley Womens Institute have provided financial support and I will be presenting lessons learnt upon returning from Antarctica in early 2020

Hickford Construction

Hickford Construction supported my Milton Keynes Horse Race Night in 2018

Beaver Bridges

Beaver Bridges will be coming with me to Antarctica! Brand placement with a polar twist! Demonstrating their influence across the world, and support for women in STEMM.

Community Clean

Community Clean will be coming with me to Antarctica! Brand placement with a polar twist! Demonstrating their influence across the world, and their dedication to protecting our planet.

F.J. Morris Contracting Ltd

F. J. Morris Contracting Ltd supported my Milton Keynes Horse Race Night in 2018

Eurovia UK Ltd

Eurovia UK Ltd have supported me throughout my Homeward Bound Journey


wepersonalise4u have supported my by providing t-shirts to my support team at events.